Hi all, thanks for stopping by, this blog thing will be used to publish my build of a Mcgregor Lotus 7 Replica, Mcgregor are a New Zealand company producing some nice cars. Check them out at

A fine example of Mcgregors work!




6 Responses to Introduction

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Aaron , thanks for dropping off the motor with all its new kit! it’s great to see that it will fit without too many chassis mod’s. I will start 1st light on Tuesday morning with the install. I hope to finalise the motor position , engine & gearbox mounts and chassis changes on Tuesday. Welding will commence on Wednesday!!! I will keep you posted as I go along.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Aaron, nice project! I am building a Westfield in Dubai using the same engine. I did not get the Toyota ECU with my engine so I have decided to go the Motec route instead (yeah, I know…ouch!). I have been looking for an Altezza wiring diagram on the net without success. Do you have one I could use? Also, what fuel pressure do these engines run at? I am having trouble getting this info. also. In the meantime, keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Aaron, Im from the netherlands, changing my mk indy to the same Beams 4th generation engine.

    Indeed it’s one of the finer atmospheric engines available now for zetec money. I cant believe almost nobody uses them in the kitcar scene in the uk as the engines are cheap and instead people spend thousands on tuning zetecs to less performance than this engine has got standard.

    i will be in touch and follow yr website. I think I came across a picture of your car allready somewhere on the locostbuilders forum.
    For now I plan to use the standard ecu as I bought the complete Altezza, so got all the bits (thats, box, engine, ecu, exhaust manifold (to be modified) maybe fuel pump)
    Fitting in the indy is no problem, will have to replace a few chassis bars but im used to radically changing kitcars and its my track car so it doesnt need to become a pearl. I want the engine diagonally left in the Mk indy like engines in a striker for the better weight distribution.

    Your wiring diagrams could be very helpful, I will u2u maybe you can email?.

    In case It wouldnt work out with the standard ecu, I also came across the idea of Apexi Power Fc. (414-T012 and T014 but is the 415 also mapped for this engine?)

    Other options are Motec, Autronic, Adaptronic but I dont know any of these ecus.

    I dont use the differential of the altezza. Will put a 3.8-3.9 sierra one. Now got 3.38 leftover from my bike engine setup but thats no use to this 6speed, as altezza got 4.1

  4. Dave Motion says:

    Hi Bas,

    If you need the Altezza ECU wiring diagrams just drop me an email to



  5. Bas Bais says:

    Hi Aaron

    I’m also building a kitcar (Fisher fury) with a beams blacktop

    Can you please tell me where you bought the dry sump system ?

    Kind regards.

    Bas Bais

  6. Robert says:

    hey if you could shoot me where you got the dry sump pan ive been looking all over the place for it

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